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Chiron’s Apothecary bridges ancient modalities with heartfelt wisdom to help others in their healing journeys towards optimal wellbeing. This is more than your average apothecary - this is a culmination of years of experience and study on the healing path.


What is the healing path? It’s the facing of traumas, patterns, and limiting beliefs we hold within ourselves that show up in day to day life, and it’s the acknowledgement of the natural world as the medicine we need to heal. These traumas often speak through our body in physical symptoms, that if left unresolved, can lead to chronic issues. 

This concept of facing our internal shadow in order to see the light is a direct representation of Chiron - the archetype of the wounded healer.

We are all wounded healers.

We have all been hurt, mistreated or lied to, whether by others or by ourselves. And more often than not, these experiences become trapped in the body leading to dis-ease and disease. Yet with the right tools and guidance, we can turn those wounds into our greatest gifts and strengths.

Here at Chiron's Apothecary, I help you to cultivate the tools necessary to empower yourself on your healing journey while ultimately choosing to transform the stories that hold you back into gifts that make you stronger.

Through fusing together the ancient modalities of traditional western herbalism, Ayurveda and astrology, Chiron’s Apothecary addresses the physical aspects of healing while laying the groundwork for emotional wellbeing. This is the foundation of all the work here at Chiron’s Apothecary: bridging the seen and the unseen, the imaginal and the physical, and the above and below.  

Chiron’s Apothecary is based upon the belief that working through our individual traumas while also having educated physical support will begin to unwind the symptoms that manifest in the mind, body and spirit, giving space for the deepest healing to occur - a vital component in both our individual and collective health.

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