Mamie Wartelle

We all have a healing story.

Mine began sitting under a magnolia tree in my grandmother’s front yard in Southern Louisiana. I still remember the feeling of peacefulness that tree provided in a chaotic landscape. I grew to love that tree, not realizing then that that connection would leave with me a sense of belonging for many years to come. Fast forward to when my mother left this world at too young of an age. This sent me spiraling in all directions: seeking solace in religion and prayer, yoga and meditation, making casual companions of drugs and alcohol, diving deep into the studies of astrology, alchemy, Ayurveda, herbalism and ultimately traveling the world in search of myself. Eventually, I landed softly back in the arms of the plant kingdom - where it all started.


This journey of my own self discovery through the natural world quickly developed into a passion to serve others on their quests for health and healing.

Through my experiences, I've come to believe that healing is not only physical but a deeply emotional and spiritual process as well.

Therefore, true holistic healing is needed for the individual and the collective - a modality of healing that embodies all aspects of self (mind, body, soul) and all aspects of nature. For me, this is a combination of predominately Ayurveda, astrology, and plant medicine.

This approach to wellness is an all-encompassing umbrella of plant medicine, nutrition, seasonal living, astrology (can't forget Chiron!), and the recognition of thoughts, patterns, and beliefs that impact our physical wellbeing.

Through honoring the emotional aspects of healing while supporting the body in realigning with it’s natural rhythms, I am here to offer informative, simple, and heartfelt support on your wellness journey. 

Here at Chiron’s Apothecary, I weave my years of experience and training in clinical herbalism, Ayurveda, astrology, yoga, alchemy, and nutrition into a practical approach of health and healing that’s accessible to all. Why?

Because I believe that all people deserve to be taken care of. We deserve to be educated about our own bodies and take control of our health. And above all, we deserve to be empowered, supported, and uplifted on our healing journeys.

Credentials and Education:

Herbal Medicine for Women (with Dr. Aviva Romm - current enrollment)

Clinical Ayurveda and Pulse Diagnostics (The dhyana Center)

Foundational and Advanced Clinical Herbalism (The School of Evolutionary Herbalism)

Living Astrology Apprenticeship (The School of Living Astrology)

Certified Yoga Instructor (Chakra Yoga RYT 500, Pyramid Yoga Center in Koh Phangan, Thailand)

Appreciation -

You make me believe! Believe in myself, others, and all of this world... my world has been going through a lot of changes lately, and I am blessed that you have been able to help guide and inspire me through it whether you know it or not - Tianna, Wisconsin

Knowing someone is so committed to assisting you in healing is comforting and supportive - and that is exactly what Mamie provides Georgia, Berlin

Working with Mamie was like a breath of fresh air - Taylor, Seattle

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