Breast Butter

Breast Butter


A silky smooth butter for overall breast health

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Breast massage is one the greatest gifts to a women's body and is a revolutionary act of self care. Through getting to know our breast tissue we are not only reclaiming our bodies as our own but we are moving lymphatic fluid and checking for abnormalities that may be missed otherwise. Lymphatic congestion within the breast tissue can lead to cysts, swelling, and tenderness as well blocked, stuck, or stagnant emotions. Remember: our lymphatic fluid carries nutrients, hormones, and toxins throughout our body. If this river isn't flowing freely, then nothing else is. 

Ingredients: chickweed and dandelion flower infused sunflower oil, shea butter, and a combination combination of essential oils specific to supporting lymphatic health

Because this formula involves the infusion of fresh plant material, this butter is only made once a year. For topical use only.

4 oz