Divine Feminine Body Oil

Divine Feminine Body Oil


For adding a silky, sexy, and sensual addition to your self care routine

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Described as "sexiness in a bottle", Yarrow, Mugwort, and Wild Rose come together in a silky smooth sunflower oil base with specific essential oils for extra sweetness and invoking the feminine. Use with daily self massage as a full body oil or directly on the womb during moontime. 

Yarrow is a crucial ally both physically and energetically for women during their bleeding time, and she has been used for centuries for energetic protection. With a deep connection to the Moon, Mugwort is a true women's medicine: a classic ally in the realms of dreamwork and full embodiment of the feminine. Wild Rose, our truest and most beautiful representation of all that is feminine, is here to heal and open our hearts and connect us with the beauty of all that is. Physically, she serves the womb through astringent and tonifying properties and soothes the skin as an anti-inflammatory. 

These herbs where infused fresh and whole (their truest form) into oil for a full 28 day moon cycle. Because this oil is made with fresh plants, it is only made once a year. For topical use only.

4 oz