Ox Eye Daisy Flower Essence

Ox Eye Daisy Flower Essence


For balancing work and play and healing the inner child

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Many of us remember putting daisies in our hair as children, adorning ourselves with crowns symbolizing the freedom and playfulness of childhood. A time when to-do lists meant making sure we could fit in enough indoor coloring sessions with all of our outdoor playtime. A time when we danced freely. A time when the trials and tribulations of adulthood hadn't begun to erase the innocence. A time when work meant weeding the garden and playing with ladybugs or helping mom with the dishes.

The daisy is here to bring us back to this innate knowing of playful freedom. She is here to help bring balance to work and play, to rekindle the sweet innocence and awe of life itself. Yet for some of us, innocence, playfulness, and freedom were never words we would have thought to describe our childhoods. For those who resonate, daisy serves to help you heal the wounds of childhood and restructure the story you carry within. She is your ally when childhood traumas rear their ugly heads in adult life and invokes lightheartedness in times of turmoil. She is the healer of the child in all of us.

Ingredients: essence of ox eye daisy, filtered water, and brandy

1/2 oz