Warm Heart Elixir

Warm Heart Elixir

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For supporting overall physical and emotional health of the cardiovascular system

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Without the heart, we are not living. It is the meeting point of above and below, the physical and the spiritual. Combining tincture and essence, this elixir works both physically and energetically forming an all-encompassing heart remedy and tonic to embody a strong heart on all levels.

Hawthorn stands as our number one cardiovascular remedy in Western herbalism: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Hawthorn is the primary ally in all manners of the heart and should be used consistently over a long period of time. Energetically, Hawthorn Flower Essence pairs with Wild Rose Flower Essence to help us move forward in life from our hearts, bringing us down from our minds and into heart perception. While Hawthorn is our #1 heart remedy, Wild Rose is the #1 symbol of the heart. Together, they help us to mend heartache and live from a place of love, find strength and safety in our hearts, and ultimately radiate the warmth which flows from an open heart.

Ingredients: hawthorn berries and flowers, essences of hawthorn and wild rose, wild rose infused raw honey, cayenne, cinnamon, and brandy

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