Wild Rose & Rose Quartz Earth Essence

Wild Rose & Rose Quartz Earth Essence

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For all manners of the heart, love, and grief

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Here in the heart is where we learn to give and receive love; to love and be loved. It is the meeting of above and below within the chakra system and the point of unity in the mind/body connection. It is the core observer of the present moment, and healing the heart is absolutely essential to self development and relationships to all other aspects of life. Unfortunately, all of us have experienced heartache and pain, rejection, and trauma, yet some of the most profound healing can be had from reconnecting with the heart.

Representing love in it's most unadulterated form, wild rose and rose quartz come together to bring healing to the energetic heart. Wild Rose is the most universal symbol for the heart - the epitome of beauty, compassion, gentleness, femininity, and grace. She helps us to open our hearts again after trauma, to feel safe enough to be vulnerable and release the need to protect ourselves from heartache. She is our greatest ally in times of grief, sorrow, and heartbreak. She helps us to move beyond the pain of past relationships in order to yet again embody the act of loving. 

Rose Quartz is thought to be the most important crystal ally for healing the heart. A symbol of love and beauty, trust and receptivity, partnership and self love, acceptance and forgiveness. Together with wild rose, this duo is here to serve: to mend the hearts of the brokenhearted in times of grief or sorrow; to help those who are just a little 'hard around the edges' feel safe enough to soften; to bring balance of the feminine to those who are stuck in the masculine; to embody the feelings of self love for those who struggle to know what that looks like; to help bring balance and open heartedness to relationships. This essence is for anyone with a heart. 

Ingredients: essences of wild rose flowers and rose quartz, filtered water, and brandy

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