Yarrow & Black Tourmaline Earth Essence

Yarrow & Black Tourmaline Earth Essence

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For healthy boundaries and embracing the soul's true purpose

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A pairing that came to life in a dream, Yarrow and black tourmaline come together in essence to connect one with the soul's true purpose while maintaining healthy boundaries. Yarrow - known as the plant of Chiron, or the wounded healer - is especially for those who are extra sensitive to their environment or to the energies of others. She helps us to tap into that sacred wound we all carry and begin to turn our traumas into our greatest strengths. Yarrow is for all of us, but especially those who may be susceptible to negative energy. Yarrow is also a powerful women's ally in moon time when women are the most open. 

Black tourmaline is a fundamental ally for energetic boundaries. A protector from negativity in any form, black tourmaline helps to ground energy back into the earth. Combined with yarrow, this pair helps to realign you with your own unique path while grounding back in the body. A wonderful ally to have while traveling or being in cities, working one-on-one with others, returning to the body after shock or trauma, and/or for overall energetic boundaries. This pair is here for the wounded healer in all of us.

Ingredients: essences of yarrow flowers and black tourmaline, filtered water, and brandy

1/2 oz