Yarrow Herbal Body Oil

Yarrow Herbal Body Oil


For embodying healthy boundaries and healing the skin

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Yarrow oil is a must have for every first aid kit. Yarrow feels soothing, cooling, and cleansing to the skin while bringing fresh energy to stagnation through movement of the blood. Ideal for cuts and scrapes, bruises, insect bites, and/or inflammatory skin conditions.

Energetically, yarrow is our greatest ally for boundaries and protection. She is the embodiment of Chiron, our wounded healer, and helps us to tap into our sacred wound within in order to transform our traumas into our greatest strengths. A life saver when traveling or spending time in large cities, working on or with others, or when healthy boundaries are needed in relationships.

Ingredients: yarrow infused sunflower oil

Because this oil is made from the infusion of fresh plant material, it is only made once a year. For topical use only.

4 oz