Ayurvedic Pulse Readings

Photo from The School of Evolutionary Herbalism in 2015, when I was first introduced to reading the pulse.

Photo from The School of Evolutionary Herbalism in 2015, when I was first introduced to reading the pulse.

Reading the pulse, or nadi vijnanam in Ayurveda, is one of the oldest forms of blood cell analysis in the history of humanity. Why do we analyze blood cells? Because when blood pulsates (pulsates - get it?!) through the body, it carries nutrients to the cellular level of the organism.  Through tracking this, we can see how these cells are communicating with one another.

Thus, pulse assessment serves as a direct line of communication from your blood cells to the one reading it - a language in and of itself. Pulse diagnostics are not an end all be all, but rather a ‘clinical art’ that acts as an addition to the overall assessment of the individual. This means that it goes hand in hand with tongue diagnostics, dialogue, and overall evaluation of the client, all of which may be addressed during Ayurvedic Pulse Readings.

“Ayurvedic pulse assessment opens up the doors of perception to explore the hidden secrets of life”   - Dr. Vasant Lad

Pulse assessments can be incredibly supportive in tracking imbalances and potential disease states before they become full blown. Through reading the pulse, I am able to track imbalances within the different systems of the body, the physical constitution you are living with right now (vikruti), and the physical constitution you were born with (prakruti). To learn more about Ayurvedic constitutions, click here (< coming soon!).

Pulse assessment is the groundwork of all other offerings at Chiron's Apothecary, for here is where I can truly listen to the body through it’s blood song.

*this is offered in person only*

It's crucial for clients to feel safe with their practitioners. Want to see if I'm a good fit for you?

What to expect...

This is for an in person session only. We will meet, I will ask you some questions, and while sitting comfortably at a small table, I will begin to listen to your pulse. While I am listening to your pulse, I will explain everything that I notice, sense and feel so that you are connected to the process. Questions may be asked (by either you or me) and emotions may come up that we will navigate together. The actual pulse assessment may vary from anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes long, and then we will go through remedies, lifestyle and nutrition recommendations together in order to create a personalized wellness plan.

Cost: $45

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*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor am I here to treat diseases. I am only here to share with you what I feel your body is saying and help you make the right decisions to correct imbalances. Nadi vijnanam is an art form that takes lifetimes to learn, and I am humbly a lifelong student.*