Flower Essences and 5 Reasons to Love Them


Flower essences want us to realize the potential blooms of our lifetime - Asia Suler


What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are subtle and vibrational remedies, meaning that they work on the energetic body (mind and heart, feelings and emotions) which, in turn, helps to deepen physical healing - similar to the way our hearts are filled with love from the inhale of a rose's fragrance. They are simple yet profound medicines made from the combination of flowers, water, and sunlight. 

The philosophy of flower essences is that the essence or spirit of a flower can be captured in water infused with the sun’s rays and preserved with alcohol in order to fulfill it’s purpose of healing deep emotional wounds or patterns within the human psyche. The original flower essences were brought to light in the early 1900s by Dr. Edward Bach, an MD upset with the lack of holistic care within the medical industry. 

Holistic means to address all aspects of healing: body, mind, spirit, and heart. You cannot treat one without the other for they all affect each other.


Dr. Bach knew this, yet saw that only the physical body was being addressed within the hospitals at the time. He knew that without addressing the emotions and past traumas being held within the body, psyche, or the overall mental wellbeing of the patient, true healing could not take place. He then set out to nature to find his answers.

Dr. Bach found that the plants and the flowers within nature held their own vibrations (or personalities, if you will) that could focus on healing different traumas and mental or emotional states of being within the patients. After years of research and experimentation with different plants and patients, he created Bach Remedies, a series of 38 flower essences that he believed covered all aspects of healing. Although flower essences have evolved over time - and many practitioners are making their own - Dr. Bach’s research has laid the foundation for modern day flower essence therapy and theory.


“These remedies cure, not by attacking disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which disease melts as snow in the sunshine” - Dr. Edward Bach


5 Reasons to Love Flower Essences

Accessible to All

Dr. Bach spoke of flower essence therapy as a system of healing meant to be available to everyone that can be used at home with or without professional help (although working with someone who's familiar with flower essences can help facilitate the deepest healing). Either way, for those in need of emotional support and nature’s virtues, flower essences are an inexpensive, holistic and attainable aspect of herbal medicine. They are also easy to make at home and a great way to get to know the energetic side of the plant kingdom. These remedies are less intimidating than some other forms of herbal medicine, especially for those who are new to the plant path, and because they are working on such a subtle level, there are no contraindications. 

The key here is your connection to the plants - the deeper your connection, the more potent the medicine.


Wildcrafting and commercial agriculture (and let’s be real here - the increasingly popular essential oil market) pose a major threat on our plant kingdom, not to mention all the other aspects of human impact on the planet that is too long a list for this post. Flower essences are the most gentle way to harvest plants for herbal remedies without negatively impacting the plant stand (aka a cluster of the same species of plants). This is because when making flower essences, only a few flowers of the plant are harvested in order to make remedies that will be diluted over and over again. 

A little goes a long way here. 


Holistic remedies

Indigenous cultures have known for centuries that the mind and spirit affect the body, but only in the last couple hundred years has the western medical system begun to recognize the depth of what this means. Trauma is stored within the body throughout our lifetime that can often only be released through mass amounts of ‘inner work’, bodywork such as massage and acupuncture to physically manipulate the body, and help from herbal allies both internally and externally. Flower essences can safely combine with (as well as enhance the benefits of) any other form of medical or herbal care, bodywork, and other healing modalities. 

There’s a reason for the phrase ‘mind, body and spirit’. They go hand in hand, and through addressing the mind and spirit, the body is able to heal more quickly and more deeply in a truly holistic way.

Tuning in to the Subtle

Our culture likes things loud, proud and in your face often taking us far away from the beauties of life all around us. Because these remedies are working on a nearly homeopathic level, they help us to become more in tune with the subtleties of nature ultimately helping us to become more in tune with our own thoughts, feelings, and patterns. 

When we become more aware of ourselves in this way, our perspectives on life can shift to a more positive perspective, our relationships can improve, and our hearts can open more fully.


Astronomically, Chiron is an asteroid that has an elliptical orbit which moves between the farthest planet that can be seen with the naked eye (Saturn) and the one beyond it (Uranus). Astrologically, mythically, and archetypally, Chiron is the representation of the wounded healer, or our sacred wound. In other words, Chiron is the part of everyone that teaches us (oftentimes through very harsh lessons) to rise above our traumas and transform them into our greatest strengths. Serving as the bridge between the physical and the spiritual, above and below, Chiron is directly represented within flower essences and their ability to relate physical healing with mental and emotional wellbeing. Here, it is shown that through facing our deepest wounds and traumas, the most potent healing can occur.

This is exactly what flower essences are here to do: unite us with our sacred wounds in order to evolve with open hearts, embracing our greatest potential as human beings.


All plants have a purpose, and if we care for them, they will serve us in the greatest ways we can imagine. Through getting to know the plants around us and their different affinities for certain traumas and ailments, we can become more empowered in our own healing journeys. If you would like to explore the flower essences made here at the apothecary, please click here.