The Healer Within

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For me, astrology has always been a map: a gateway to self-realization and connecting deeper with the elements of the earth. It’s been the ultimate healing path, eventually leading me towards the plants themselves and showing me how to live more in accordance with the seasonal cycles of the world around me.

Each sign of the zodiac contains within it a cycle and an archetype that is reflected both within nature and within us; within our minds, bodies, and spirits.

For Virgo, this cycle is reflected within the plant kingdom in its entirety; an expression of how the plants form the natural world around us and how they’re reflected in health and healing - not only for people for the earth as well. A beautiful example of the relationship between above and below, celestial and terrestrial, planets and plants.

How are we seeking out the plants as our teachers? What are they showing us about our personal healing, our work, and service? What are they teaching us about the unique gifts we are here to offer the world? These are the questions to be asked this season.

This is the time of health and healing and the intersection between the two. Health of the land & health of ourselves, an ever-expanding and ever-changing healing process.

This is Virgo season, a representation of plants, health, and healing… or in other words, simply medicine.

As plant people, herbalists, healers, and lovers of nature, we are caretakers of this medicine. We are the reminders to the world that the earth is our medicine. The earth has cared for us since the dawn of time providing food, water, and oxygen to breathe. It’s given us the fire to stay warm and cook our food. It’s provided absolutely everything essential to life… our life.

Just as the glyph for virgo looks like an M turning into itself, we too carry the medicine within us. For we come from the earth and each one of us is a beautifully unique representation of Mother Nature herself until we return to the soil once more.

We are ever-evolving along the plant kingdom, constantly growing through the alchemical transformation the earth provides. Just as each plant serves a purpose beyond itself for the greater whole of the plant kingdom, each one of us has a special gift to offer humanity… our own personal medicine.

This video is a culmination of over a year’s worth of dreaming and envisioning how to bring the beauty and the magic of the plants (and the healing path) to life for you on screen. I hope that you love it and find yourself feeling a reawakened sense of understanding and appreciation for the healer that lives within you.

I’d so love to hear the thoughts and feelings that came for you while watching this video. What stuck out to you the most? Have you ever dove into the relationship between astrology and herbalism, or is this new to you? What do you feel is the medicine that you carry? Leave a comment below, and let’s talk about it.

In love,

Mamie xo