What Chironian Healing Really Means

28-6-18 Garden Walk-00913.jpg

After many, many months of preparation and obstacles, we are officially creating videos here at Chiron’s Apothecary!

Nearly four years ago, I had a dream about yarrow and black tourmaline. From there, Chiron’s Apothecary was born. And what started as a way to make a humble living while working with the plants I love has transformed into, quite simply, healing. Healing for myself as this business grows and evolves, and healing for those who are searching for something meaningful in their lives.

While I am no longer selling herbal remedies, Chiron’s Apothecary is ever evolving into so much more than herbal products. As an herbalist in the 21st century (when most of our lives now revolve around screens rather than seasons), my goal through this work is to share the beauty I witness through the natural world in the hopes that it inspires you to seek it out for yourself.

This is the first video of a new chapter, an announcement if you will, on all things Chiron’s, Chiron, and what Chironian Healing really means.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • What working with the archetype of Chiron really means

  • Where physical symptoms in the body come from

  • The past, present, and future of Chiron’s Apothecary

  • Beyond tinctures and supplements


From my heart to yours,

Mamie xo