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The Healer Within

For me, astrology has always been a map: a gateway to self-realization and connecting deeper with the elements of the earth. It’s been the ultimate healing path, eventually leading me towards the plants themselves and showing me how to live more in accordance with the seasonal cycles of the world around me.

Each sign of the zodiac contains within it a cycle and an archetype that is reflected both within nature and within us; within our minds, bodies, and spirits.

For Virgo, this cycle is reflected within the plant kingdom in its entirety; an expression of how the plants form the natural world around us and how they’re reflected in health and healing….

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Nettles: Fire, Mars, & Aries

There’s a common misconception about the relationship between plants and planets, one that disregards the shared connection between the two: a primordial pattern seen within all living beings and that begins with the elements. Fire, earth, air, and water are the fundamental building blocks which create life itself. They are the ancients long before the periodical table of elements and will continue to be here until the end of time. These elements exist not only in the world around us - the plants, the planets, and the animals - but within us as well. 

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