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The Healing Crisis (and the power of Calendula)

When a healing crisis shows up, it’s your body speaking to you. It’s reminding you that it exists, that it needs you, to please not forget it in that extra long to-do list and the business you’re building and the home and the kids and everything else. It’s saying ‘hey, what about me?!’, usually adding more stress to our mental state than we’re already dealing with in the first place. All the feelings of overwhelm, loss of control, self doubt and self judgement come creeping in. Whether this is happening to us or someone that we care for (a child, an elder), we’re left wondering ‘why me?’ as we try to pick up the pieces of our lives, our hearts and our bodies. 

But what if there was another way to experience this? What if we could see these moments of crisis as moments of blessings? What if that flu that showed up in the middle of a major career deadline or the broken leg before you’re supposed to climb Mt. Rainer could be seen as a gift? A wake up call. An opportunity for healing. A chance for rest. A time of growth…

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