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California Women's Herbal Symposium - Spring Session 2


Come find me at my favorite women's gathering! Three days of classes, workshops, women's circles, laughter and tears. This was the first women's gathering I ever went to, and I'm honored to be sharing space in The Aereola Tent facilitating Women's Lymphatic Breast Massage with my teacher DeAnna Batdorff and a few other amazing practitioners. This is a great opportunity to have your lymphatic tissue checked for cysts and abnormalities while learning how to properly care for your breast tissue health once you get home. Breast massage helps you get back into your body, release stagnant lymph (and emotions!), and serves as your guide to make sure everything's flowing correctly within the body.

I'll also be vending at the marketplace, so be sure to say hi and try out some products! I'll be making some medicines specifically for this gathering, so don't miss out.

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