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Chiron’s Apothecary

herbalism & Healing from the heart

The foundation of all the work here at Chiron’s Apothecary lies in balancing the elements of earth, air, fire and water within our bodies and with the natural environments around us. It is when we deepen our connection to nature that we remember we are nature, and that is how true healing can take place.


Chiron’s Apothecary bridges ancient healing modalities with the wisdom of the earth to help others in their journeys towards optimal wellbeing. This is more than your average apothecary - this is a culmination of years of experience and study on the path of health and healing.

Through fusing together ancient modalities like traditional western herbalism, Ayurveda and astrology, Chiron’s Apothecary addresses the physical aspects of healing while laying the groundwork for emotional wellbeing.

Through this platform of service, I (Mamie) am here to help you cultivate the tools necessary to empower yourself on your healing journey and ultimately in your life. This may be through herbal medicine, Ayurvedic principles and lifestyle choices, food as medicine, women’s health and wisdom, or personal development.

I believe in a truly holistic approach that embodies all aspects of life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I also believe that working through our individual traumas while also having educated physical support will begin to unwind the symptoms that manifest in the mind, body and spirit, giving space for the deepest healing to occur - a vital component in both our individual and collective health.

Through Chiron’s Apothecary, I offer services such as one-on-one Wellness Sessions and Ayurvedic pulse readings both remotely and in person. I also provide a carefully curated selection of herbal products made in very small batches from the plants of the Pacific Northwest. Yet Chiron’s Apothecary goes beyond physical medicine:

Chiron’s Apothecary is a representation of healing in and of itself.

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